Joseph Jacobson

Founder/Executive Director

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Joe Jacobson is a political strategist with more than seven years of electoral, lobbying and government experience. Prior to founding the Progress Action Fund, he worked for SEIU-United Healthcare Workers, where he oversaw endorsements, independent expenditures, and government relations operations in four purple counties in Southern California. With SEIU, Joe managed two successful field independent expenditure efforts for a congressional and state senate race in the 2020 primary. 


He also created a diverse, bipartisan task force to persuade the GOP-led San Diego County Board of Supervisors and the City of San Diego to allocate $10 million for free childcare for essential workers in response to COVID-19. 


Before SEIU, Joe worked at AFL-CIO HQ in Washington, DC, where he devised strategies with union leaders in 21 states across the South and Midwest to elect local, state, and federal candidates in competitive 2018 races. His passion for political statistical analysis began at the AFL-CIO, where he created an empirical model to support senior leadership in their decision-making on how to allocate resources to elect pro-labor congressmembers. 


Joe also has a variety of policy experience, including for President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers, Senator Ron Wyden, Senator Barbara Boxer, and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, all of which provide him unique insight on how to ensure elected officials stand up for our values.


Joe’s start in politics began at 6 years old, when his Grandma Judy gave him a book about the presidents. Grandma Judy was Joe’s inspiration for politics, the two of them talking on the phone every few weeks about progressive politics. During her life Grandma Judy was involved with Seattle’s League of Women Voters, 33rd District Democrats, and Planned Parenthood. The Progress Action Fund is dedicated to her memory, not only to elect Vice President Biden, but left of center Democrats across America for years to come.