what we do 

We support Democrats who stand up for our values. Our research identifies two critical areas where we believe Democratic organizations can do better. Democrats are afraid to go on offense, which is necessary to hold Republicans accountable for their deceptions and for supporting harmful legislation. Democratic organizations also shy away from fully backing left of center candidates through independent expenditures, which stops congress from passing critical policies.

The Progress Action Fund changes that. We tell it like it is with hard-hitting, effective and aggressive messaging about the opponents of the candidates we support in order to win campaigns and champion progressive values.



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❝ A candidate clearly won’t point out his or her foibles and deficiencies, so an opponent must.”


Dane Struthers, Partner at Stuthers Nuckels Strategies

Your support of the Progress Action Fund moves forward our mission to support left of center candidates who champion our values. We have detailed, data-driven strategies for Democrats running in winnable races across the country.